"FOOL FOR LOVE "1994 - appears in the background in this movie a couple of times when Mr. Orange (Tim Roth) goes back to his house. Whenever he turns on the radio there's my song. When Karyn was explaining the movie to me she said there is an undercover cop who likes country music and we need your music for him. So in that scene when Mr. Orange is looking in the mirror, he knows he's been made, but he also knows he has to go to the meeting, my song is in the background, he can't go backwards or sideways, he can't chicken out, but he will probably die... "you foooooool for love, what he wouldn't dooooooo for lo a ove". Yeah. I'm not sure if he ever did die, but he sure bled alot. So much blood that it is hilarious. They almost used "Train Fare to Memphis" also. I had mentioned to Karyn that I had intended for that song to be a duet - where the chorus is sung by the male with the female harmonizing and the verses sung by the female. Quentin talked about having Maria McKee and Dwight Yokum re-record it like that, as a duet. That never did happen. Would have been like a Righteous Brother with a sister instead. Oh well, those kinds of ideas come and go. Nice to just be part of the thought. [MORE "RATTLE" IN GARLIC]