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"Rogers' drawl borders between downright sexy and rough-
ridden gritty. Trying to place similarities with Rogers' vocals
leaves me empty-handed." - Rob Bleetstein - Gavin - "The most trusted name in radio"

"Sandy Rogers' distinctive, Joplinesque vocals and steady guitar
strumming carry this recording of interesting rural music." - Bob Mariano - Valley Music News -Skips Music - Sacramento:

"Back in 1986, I reviewed an MCA album called Fool For Love, the soundtrack from the film of Sam Shepard's play, in which he also starred, noting that the nine country songs his sister wrote and sang were distinctly unusual, virtually unique, in being written specifically for a movie but able to stand up on their own merits, Let's Ride particularly memorable. ...reemerging eleven years later with a second album, her ten songs, including Fool For Love, which wasn't used in the film or on the album but was heard in Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs, are intelligent, atmospheric and, presumably, largely autobiographical melodic musings on life and love in the rural bluecollar West, some, notably Down In The Valley, the outstanding Train Fare to Memphis and Raggedy Ann, extraordinarily moving. However, it's hard to separate the songs from the haunting appeal of what Owen Bradley called "that funny little voice". In one mood, Sandy Rogers can evoke Janis Joplin, in another Tammy Wynette, but these are elusive and ultimately pointless comparisons because it's her depth of character, her realness that makes this album, like its long out of print predecessor, such a keeper..." - John Conquest - 3rd Coast Music - Texas:




Sept 1  6:00 pm - Song Posse - Center for Creative Community,23 W.St.Charles St,San Andreas

Sept 8 6:00 pm - Song Posse - Firehouse Sonora

Sept 15 6:00 pm - Song Posse - Manzanita Press, 1211 S.Main St, Angels Camp

Sept 22 11:00-2:00 - Song Posse at Carla J. Neal’s campaigne luncheon - Avery Hotel, Avery CA

Sept 23 2:00 - 5:00 - Knight’s Ferry Saloon solo

Sept 25 7:00 - 9:00 - St. Charles Saloon, Columbia, CA with The Down Hill Strugglers

*** LIVE watch video performances*** Oct 2, 2017 8pm: - Sam Shepard Tribute at Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles; Oct 7, 2017 3pm - Sam Shepard Tribute at La Mama Theater, NYC, Oct. 7 3pm