Green Moon Story

GREEN MOON STORY - The GREEN MOON really did float up DOWN IN THE VALLEY and sit on the eastern horizon almost within touching reach one evening last summer while Bud and I were sitting naked in two aluminum lawn chairs. Naked because it was 115 degrees at 9:00 pm. It had been too hot to walk for days. Too hot to sleep, too hot to watch TV. Aluminum lawn chairs because that's what we have for outdoor living at the TRAILER UP ON A HILL. The Green Moon just floated up against the pinkish yellow sky and sat there almost on the ground for an hour before it rose and the sky changed color. It was something to write a song about which I haven't done yet. I have written all around it, but not on it. Instead I packaged ten songs together and stood them up side by side and named them all after that GREEN MOON.


GREEN MOON is the completion of a project I started ten years ago. I recorded the soundtrack album for the film FOOL FOR LOVE in 1985. Right after that, in 1986, I recorded a four song demo in Nashville PAINT THE KITCHEN PINK, TRAIN FARE TO MEMPHIS, FOOL FOR LOVE, COWGIRL BLUES. Movie music supervisor Karyn Rachtman placed song after song from that cassette demo into movies she was working on; the most well known being Reservoir Dogs, the first movie written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. The Last Seduction & Motorcycle Gang also carry my songs.

In 1995 I moved to a new land where everything is a stranger and nothing is familiar and pieces of new songs kept popping out on napkins and post its all over my house and in my car. I'd moved to Oakdale, California which is in farm la la land, the Central Valley. It's not the mid-west. It's the west. I found out that I am not a farmer, nor am I a cowgirl. Not a city girl either, though. Lots of song fodder. I felt a strong urge to be myself, whoever she is, and part of that was to finish what I had started ten years before. I came up a little more bluesy.


GREEN MOON co-producer Bob Regan and the GREEN MOON BAND - Awesome Nashville cats headed up by my long time friend, Bob Regan, Nashville country-hit-song-writer-producer and guitar player extraordinaire. I've known Bob since the 70's in Davis CA when I first started playing at the Antique Bizzare and he was playing with his rock/r&b band the 4-Skins. Regan helped me over the top with production on this project plus did all the guitar work, backup vocals and hand-claps! Johnny Neel on harp, keyboards, bluesy backup vocals. Paul Scholten drums & percussion. Scot Q. Merry on bass except he was on vacation for the last session so Duncan Mullins finished the bass work. Brook Langton on pedal steel. Recorded at County Q in Nashville - very smooth operation.